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Psychic Services

Whether you're newly dabbling in spirituality or have actively practiced for years, Kat can offer you the right resources and practical tips you require now to expand your (un)conscious connections and gain immediate clarity, proactive steps toward healing and optimize your soulful evolution.


A full hour dedicated to giving you peace-of-mind by effectively offering the clarity your busy mind and hungry soul require at the time of meeting. Using tarot and her innate intuitive abilities, Kat will accurately identify your upcoming potential roadblocks and successes, and teach you how to proactively change your present circumstances. Feel free to inquire about whatever you'd like, keep it general and go with the flow, or request a "6-month forecast" to get a fun treat! Put your Free Will to good use with all the awareness you'd need, now!



A 30-min complete analysis of your current mental, emotional and physical state(s). Using her intuition and tarot, Kat will offer you the best "next steps" and guidance based on what you need now, while answering all of your burning and curious questions; all while positively realigning your powerful unconscious mind onto the most intended path, with all the necessary resource(s) to help you advance...


Samantha says:

"Kat was absolutely what I needed at this point in my life. She is an incredibly intuitive and gifted human. She is a loving, caring, bright, and beautiful soul. I have no regrets and hope to reconnect with her in the future. If you are on the fence, I encourage you to follow the feeling that guided you here. I was meant to meet with Kat, I have no doubts. The amazing relief I have in my heart was worth every penny and more." 




In this 30-minute session, Kat will apply her natural medium abilities and connect with the requested soul, with the intention to offer further clarity, closure and healing. Needing only their first name and your memory of them, Kat will go into the far "realms" and connect to Source (energetic information, or "The Quantum Field"), to bridge the gap and allow you to directly communicate with your ancestors and loved ones. Usually, souls are open to answer questions and offer intimate guidance as may presently be required. Most importantly, they will share viable information for you to be more consciously aware of their ongoing existence and presence in your life, inviting in peace.


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