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   Much like enjoying your favorite Disney or action movie, hypnosis allows a willful suspension of disbelief, providing you with a safe and effective solution to actively achieve your resolutions. With Kat's guidance, you will learn more about the power that lays within the mind, waiting to be unleashed! You will have the opportunity to unwind as Kat takes you on a gentle journey into your unconscious mind, while initiating healing and awareness from deep within, toward unconscious competence; effectively implementing a healthy dose of motivation that suggests positive daily change(s)...

   Many common myths and misconceptions around hypnotherapy derive from old conspiracies and science fiction, although the opposite is true: Hypnosis is the ultimate form of self-control!


   Your powerful brain is programmed to keep you safe. And, with Kat's certified guidance, you can now exercise your unconscious mind right from the comfort of your very own space!

Hypnosis can help to:

  • Deeply Relax

  • Improve Memory

  • Enhance Creativity

  • Overcome Anxiety

  • Reduce Chronic Pain

  • Decrease Stress

  • Increase Focus

  • Boost Confidence

  • Elevate Spiritual Awareness...

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Select a date and complete the Intake Form. Once we meet you will learn first hand how Kat can help you accomplish your goals.

Select Your Package

If all stars align, and you’re accepted as a client, we'll discuss your therapeutic service recommendations and secure the process.

Experience Bliss

Arrive to your scheduled sessions, ready to relax, train your unconscious mind and receive a healthy dose of positive change!

...or perhaps something a little more "Hogwarts"?

1:1 Psychic Training
Discover and Enhance Your Intuitive Abilities! 



You will understand the WHY behind your "weird" and "crazy" experiences, and uncover your natural intuitive abilities!


We will determine next best developmental steps, and "plant seeds" to commence enhancing your channels of connection based on your goals and propensity.



We will dive into the practicality of spirituality and revitalize the connection between you, the mind, heart and soul; guiding you into your most grounded authenticity.

You will walk out of this session with an applied understanding of the HOW behind your unique abilities, ready to play and explore more!



With great power comes great responsibility! In this session, you will actively merge your magic with your human body. You will master manifestation as it works to your abilities, and obtain several healthy recommendations to build an optimal and authentic spiritual practice, whether it be for business or personal guidance. Tap in!

*To ensure the best results and intuitive-integration, this service is only offered in 3 sessions. You choose when you'd like to begin your initial 3-hour DAY ONE training by clicking "Book Now" and proceeding with your payment and information. The remaining two sessions will be scheduled in person with Kat upon meeting. You can fly through this 1:1 psychic development program as quickly or steadily as you choose. Full package is €688, paid upfront; fee covers all 3 sessions (9-hours total, breaks included).
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