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Did you know all learning, behavior and change stems from the Unconscious Mind?

Whether you desire Healing or Clarification,

want to Evolve your Intuitive Abilities,

enhance your Unconscious Awareness,

or curiously followed the White Rabbit...

You found yourself here for a reason!

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Meet Kat!

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Natural-born Psychic Medium,

Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP, Multifaceted Creatrix,

and Sacred-Space Holder.

Intuitive Coaching

Intuitively Customized Programs
+ Hypnotherapy +
​+ Neuro-Linguistic Programming +
+ Time Line Therapy +
+ Psychic Readings +

Psychic Services

Clarity is the specialty!
+ 1-Hour Intuitive Readings +
+ 30min Spiritual Check-Ins +
+ Mediumship Sessions +
+ Psychic Development +

select your desired path


To lay my limiting beliefs to rest, alleviate chronic pain,

and create healthy changes

for my self and lifestyle.


To seek guidance and direction in an area of life, connect with spirit, and find clarity within the uncertainty.


To alchemize my authenticity, proactively breakthrough obstacles, and learn how to take full charge of my life!

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Gain Clarity & Insight

quickly and efficiently!

  • Discover potential roadblocks

  • Identify upcoming opportunities

  • Receive guidance on your next best step

  • Learn to change circumstances using free will

  • Uncover your hidden manifestation abilities

  • Get answers to your deep unconscious questions

  • Build back your confidence and gain peace 

  • Learn practical spiritual tools and tactics

  • Connect through energy on a whole 'nother level

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Here's what the Soul Fam has to say:

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