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Your Guide to Deep Unconscious Healing

Did you know all learning, behavior and change stems from the Unconscious Mind?

Whether you desire Healing or Clarification,

want to Evolve your Intuitive Abilities,

enhance your Unconscious Awareness,

or curiously followed the White Rabbit...

You found yourself here for a reason!

Meet Kat!

Natural-born Psychic Medium,

Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Results Coach, Time Line Therapist, Multifaceted Creatrix and Sacred-Space Holder.

select your desired path


To breakthrough limiting

beliefs, alleviate chronic pain,

and create healthy changes

for my self and lifestyle.


To seek guidance and direction in an area of life, connect with spirit, and find clarity within the uncertainty.


To alchemize my authentic

power, (re)discover innate abilities, and learn how to build an effective spiritual practice.

Northern Lights

...Do you resonate with any of these?

☆ You feel drained, burned out, unbalanced and disconnected from yourself and others.

☆ You are simply “getting by” day to day, ungrounded, unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

☆ You want to get over life's limitations and just start over, but you feel "stuck".

☆ You tend to self sabotage healthy opportunities or connections often, and resist change.

☆ You are tired of feeling pain every day; your mind, emotions and body need a break!

☆ You watch yourself reliving the same patterns and conflicts, and you want out of the loop.

☆ You are ready to make sustainable internal shifts that will empower you to achieve desired outcomes.

☆ You hear the call to dive deeper into your authentic spiritual journey of remembrance.

☆ You want to make holistic lifestyle changes and finally drop those unhealthy habits, thoughts and behaviors. 

☆ You know you are meant to live a blissful existence by feeling genuinely good in your body, mind and soul,
    but you haven’t been able to access this ability or learned how to truly believe in yourself yet...
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