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About KNM

    Kat Nikoletta Monroe (pseudonym) is an authentic soul whom believes she has been brought to this Earth on a big healing mission: to guide others toward their highest potential(s), assist in unleashing one's innate intuitive awareness, and teach everyone that the power to fully heal ourselves lives within the unconscious mind ━and it's much easier than we've Collectively been programmed to accept!


    Her ability to unjudgmentally listen to a soul's deepest requirements and lovingly push others to reposition themselves onto their most desired path quickly (despite any/all pre-existing odds), truly redefines what we know a Psychic Medium and Intuitive Reader to be today...



    Born as the black sheep into a family of black sheep, Kat resiliently pushed outside of all expected societal norms in search of an inner freedom that would allow her to thrive. As a child with a past best related to Cole Sear's character in The Sixth Sense, she learned very early in life how to walk a path less travelled, later accepting her natural instincts and psychic abilities were something to be proud of; her special, unique and powerful reason for Being. She felt pushed to pay it forward...

     In 2020, when the world seemingly began to crumble, Kat took the opportunity to courageously expand her horizon by moving to Alberta, Canada, and explore her inner-to-outer healing potential whilst living in an environment she'd once only dreamed of. It was throughout the next two years that she launched her services through KnmWitchery, offering clarity and mediumship to many souls seeking her extraordinary abilities, and actively taking her own advice; inadvertently healing her life-long chronic illness, Endometriosis; forever proving to herself that all is possible! 

     As 2022 neared, Kat's personal experiences and ever-growing intuitive modalities offered her enough courage and capability to empower hundreds of individuals, and she noticed her specialty began to transition from offering clarity, to guided healing; as more and more people whom sought Kat required assistance on a much deeper level. It was then Kat began to ask herself one very important question, "What gives me the RIGHT?"

    And so, as the story goes, the Universe heard her question and prompted her to connect with the right resources to undoubtedly be able to answer it. Despite her Ego and previously "failed" experiences, she surrendered, she actioned, and she learned. Today, Kat humbly stands as a powerful Psychic Medium and Intuitive Reader, with globally recognized designations as an NLP Results Coach, Time Line Therapist, and Certified Hypnotherapist through the ABH-ABNLP.

    Whether you’re seeking answers, looking to connect with a passed-on loved one, or are hoping to (re)discover yourself in the most incredibly imaginable ways, you were brought here for a reason. With Kat as your guide, you'll know you're standing in a bright light, with the right resources, and all the clarity you'd require...


     Which path will you choose?

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