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Intuitive Tarot Masterclasses

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A full introduction and deep-dive to Intuitive Tarot through the art of story.

In this class you will learn about the power of personal perspective, and how it integrates ever-so magically (and accurately!) with Intuitive Tarot. By the end of this workshop, you will know how to read your cards with a swift ease... through your own intuition, and without the little tarot dictionary booklet! ;)

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March 5th

May 7th

Tarot is a powerful tool we can use to quickly and efficiently tap into our intuition. Whether you are a spiritual professional or just purchased your very first deck, the art of Intuitive Tarot can empower you to build a deeper rapport with your natural intuitive abilities ─after all, the true magic lives within you!

Kat's Masterclasses are designed with the intention to strengthen your confidence with your intuitive self, help you effectively understand how to read tarot, and teach you how to trust in those gut instincts. Each 2-hour class offers a unique understanding of Tarot and the Self, and can be taken in any order.


Feel free to book all 4 classes to become a pro, or pop in for a singular class!

Albert Peña

Kat, you're a natural curator and leader. You give everyone the wheel if they want it. I can't imagine anyone not getting a step closer to their truer self after working with you.

Whether you're newly dabbling in spirituality or have actively practiced for years, Kat can offer you the right resources and practical tips you need now to expand your (un)conscious connections; proactively enhance your innate psychic abilities, and learn how to incorporate it all into an authentic intuitive-based business and/or daily practice.

Psychic Training
Discover and Enhance Your Intuitive Abilities! 



You will understand the WHY behind your "weird" and "crazy" experiences, and uncover your natural intuitive abilities!


We will determine next best developmental steps, and "plant seeds" to commence enhancing your channels of connection based on your goals and propensity.



We will dive into the practicality of spirituality and revitalize the connection between you, the mind, heart and soul; guiding you into your most grounded authenticity.

You will walk out of this session with an applied understanding of the HOW behind your unique abilities, ready to play and explore more!



With great power comes great responsibility! In this session, you will actively merge your magic with your human body. You will master manifestation as it works to your abilities, and obtain several healthy recommendations to build an optimal and authentic spiritual practice, whether it be for business or personal guidance. Tap in!

....are you ready??!

Oh, it's Personal!

1-on-1 Development and Support

With Kat's direct guidance, in less than six hours and three sessions*, you'll learn how to actually "trust your gut" and more-advertently manifest a life you desire! (Yes, really!) 


Kat hones a unique spiritual gift of identifying a person's natural "channeling" abilities, effectively sparking a remembrance within them, and offering practical tools, tasks and activities to help them immediately improve their circumstances and outcomes "like magic".


There's a ton of information to digest, therefore active participation and practice is highly recommended for optimal intuitive development and success; the level of unconscious change and spiritual transformation is solely up to YOU. Remember, true connection to "Source" is made possible through your body! You are the magic! And now, you can discover how to access more of it easily and efficiently each time!


Come open to the experience,

and Kat will guide you through...

*To ensure the best outcome and intuitive-integration, this service is only offered as a packaged plan of 3 sessions, each at 2-hours long. Please Schedule a Discovery Call to discuss payment plans or if you have any questions.

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