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Intuitive Tarot Masterclasses

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A full introduction and deep-dive to Intuitive Tarot through the art of story.

In this class you will learn about the power of personal perspective, and how it integrates ever-so magically (and accurately!) with Intuitive Tarot. By the end of this workshop, you will know how to read your cards with a swift ease... through your own intuition, and without the little tarot dictionary booklet! ;)

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March 5th

May 7th

Tarot is a powerful tool we can use to quickly and efficiently tap into our intuition. Whether you are a spiritual professional or just purchased your very first deck, the art of Intuitive Tarot can empower you to build a deeper rapport with your natural intuitive abilities ─after all, the true magic lives within you!

Kat's Masterclasses are designed with the intention to strengthen your confidence with your intuitive self, help you effectively understand how to read tarot, and teach you how to trust in those gut instincts. Each 2-hour class offers a unique understanding of Tarot and the Self, and can be taken in any order.


Feel free to book all 4 classes to become a pro, or pop in for a singular class!