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Frequently Asked Questions


Services are offered comfortably online and over the phone, over almost any internet-connected device of your choosing. Once your Session is booked you will receive an automated email confirming your order. Prior to our session you will receive a calendar invite including Access Details and Instructions to Kat's confidential Meeting Room via Zoom Communications.


Similar to Skype, Zoom Communications is an Application that allows us to connect virtually online via Phone and/or Video. This application allows safe  video and/or audio recording of our sessions for your added convenience. Depending on your mobile or computer, an installation of the Application may be required for optimal experience. Don't worry, it's safe and it's free (Basic Package). You may access my private meeting room via Smart Phone or Tablet or Laptop/PC. If you'd like detailed instructions on connecting with your device in advance, please click here


My Services, Intakes and Coaching are 1oo% private and confidential. On applicable Readings, you choose and permit whether or not you'd like our session(s) recorded on video/audio at the start of our session. Should you opt in for recording, you are able to download directly onto most devices, therefore the files remain with you from start to finish. Should your device not enable recording (ie. due to the file sizes being too large, like when connecting over most mobile devices), Kat will record on your behalf and send you both the video & audio files via email shortly following the session. All files are then deleted from Kat's hard drive & cloud after 48-hours from the point of sharing. Deleting the files ensures your privacy is guaranteed. It's important for you to advise within 48-hours if you have difficulty accessing said video and audio files, or you will risk them being permanently deleted. This being said, please be sure to save all files onto your device right away! Outside of recordings, your identity, reasons for connecting and all discussions remain confidential and solely between us.


You may download the video/audio directly onto your device by clicking the "Record" option that will be made available to you, otherwise the primary form of contact outside of our Zoom meeting is via email, therefore you will receive your video, audio, and other content through the cloud via the email you provided. As per the above FAQ, please be sure to notify Kat within 48-hours if there are any problems accessing your delivered video & audio files, or you will risk them being permanently deleted. Please note direct downloads may not be available while connecting via smartphones as the files are extremely large.


Through Source! We are all Energetic Beings therefore are simultaneously connected, especially when the energy is well directed. The best way I could describe it is to imagine you have an invisible cord attached to your Heart Chakra and it attaches onto mine... then voila a connection is made! I am able to channel and read energies in a variety of ways, and I use Tarot as just one of my tools. Primarily, I'm a Lightworker, Empath, Clairvoyant, and Clairsentient... although to a certain degree, I own the ability to tap into the other "clairs" depending on how the Messages would best transfer/translate through me (the Reader), to resonate with you (the Receiver). If you're interested in learning more be sure to read my full story before you go!


Prior to every reading or session I prepare by connecting to Source; whilst casting a protection spell, and sending my energy out into the direction of the incoming client. The overall connection "signal" will depend on your openness and readiness, therefore a few moments are provided to make you feel right and comfortable. This being said, sometimes an energy block can occur; meaning the answers you are seeking are not meant for you to know (at this time), or you are restricting/resisting my psychic-access of a specific topic. Should a rare occasion of a full energy block occur, a generous coupon or rescheduling will be provided. 


Readings, coaching and all other services are final sale. Please understand my service to you is my Energy, and energy is not always easily returned. Rescheduling is to be done in at least 24-hours prior to our meeting by logging onto via "My Bookings" using the same email you booked with or risk losing payment or future scheduling. Total "no-shows" are not tolerated and too risk losing payment or future scheduling. Please note this does not apply to serious emergencies, which will be considered and appropriately deliberated on a case-by-case basis. I absolutely understand life happens, therefore the option to reschedule is open at all times until 24-hours of our meeting. An automatic reminder of our meeting will be sent. I, Kat, will honor the same respectful agreement as the above to you, my client. I reserve the right to refuse and refund anyone who violates any of my policies or is in any way harmful or objectionable. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions page for more information.

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