Available Online

Breakthrough Intake

NLP Coaching & Time Line Therapy

  • 45 minutes
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

Repeat after me: I am the creator of my results. I am the co-manifester of my reality. I am in charge of how I experience life. All change is possible because I decide! Did you know all learning, behavior and change is unconscious? Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Results Coaching allows you the opportunity to learn how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve your specific and desired outcomes. Coupled with Time Line Therapy, plus Hypnotherapy and/or KnmWitchery's Intuitive Offerings, you will more easily and effectively accomplish your goals in a safe, timely and transmutational way! With Kat as your guide, you can finally breakthrough limiting beliefs and take back the control over your life! Imagine that... Each Coaching Solution is customized specifically to every client; Kat understands every person is different in their own remarkable ways, with an individual need, requirement and purpose. Kat holds the ability to unjudgmentally listen to your soul's deepest needs, and lovingly push to reposition you into absolute magnificence. You must be willing to put in the efforts and required tasking to succeed —your ultimate transformation depends on it. In this Intake, you will have the opportunity to effectively communicate your desired change(s), discover whether or not you & KnmWitchery are the best match, and walk out with more knowledge about your Self than you stepped in with. Are you ready to take accountability and stand strong in your authenticity? If so, this is your opportunity. You found yourself here for a reason. The choice is yours. Important Notes: Recommended services, solutions and packages will vary per person and cause. Payment plans are available.

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