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If you feel urged to make healthier changes in your life, more efficiently calm your anxieties, enhance your intuitive awareness, or learn how to create the right experiences for yourself in general: Kat's intuitive, therapeutic and mentoring methods may be the solution you're searching for to (finally!) help you make it all happen. Curious where to start...?


A full hour dedicated to providing peace-of-mind by effectively offering the clarity your busy mind and hungry soul require at the time of meeting. Using tarot and her innate intuitive abilities, Kat will accurately identify some of your upcoming potential roadblocks and successes, and teach you how to proactively change your present circumstances using Free Will; all while positively realigning your subconscious back onto the intended path with necessary resource(s) to advance.

  $222 OR use code 'Mercury' for 44% off!


In this 30-minute session, Kat will apply her natural medium capabilities and connect with the requested soul, with the intention to offer further clarity, closure and healing. Needing only their first name and your memory of them, Kat will go into the far "realms" and connect to Source (energetic information, or "The Quantum Field"), to bridge the gap and allow you to directly communicate with your ancestors and loved ones. Usually, souls are open to answer questions and offer intimate guidance as may presently be required. Most importantly, they will share viable information for you to be more consciously aware of their ongoing existence and presence in your life, inviting in peace.

  $166 OR use code 'Mercury' for 44% off!


A 30-minute in-depth analysis of your current mental, emotional and physical state(s) using Tarot. This will give you an opportunity for a quick "spiritual check-in". In this session, Kat will offer you the best "next steps" and guidance based on what you need now, while answering all of your burning and curious questions.

  $111 OR use code 'Mercury' for 44% off!

Samantha says:

"Kat was absolutely what I needed at this point in my life. She is an incredibly intuitive and gifted human. She is a loving, caring, bright, and beautiful soul. I have no regrets and hope to reconnect with her in the future. If you are on the fence, I encourage you to follow the feeling that guided you here. I was meant to meet with Kat, I have no doubts. The amazing relief I have in my heart was worth every penny and more." 




Much like enjoying your favorite Disney or action movie, hypnosis allows a willful suspension of disbelief, providing you with a safe and effective solution to actively achieve your resolutions. With Kat's guidance, you will learn more about the power that lays within the mind, waiting to be unleashed! We will start with a free Discovery Call to discuss your goals, best recommendations, and most importantly, demystify hypnosis by answering all of your curious questions. Then, should you be accepted as a hypnotherapy client, you will have the opportunity to unwind as Kat takes you on a gentle journey into your unconscious mind, while initiating healing and awareness from deep within, toward unconscious competence; effectively implementing a healthy dose of motivation that suggests positive daily change(s).

Packages vary


Who said healing can't be easy and enjoyable!? Kat holds the ability to unjudgmentally listen to your soul's deepest needs, while lovingly pushing you into your magnificence. As an NLP Results Coach, she teaches you how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve specific and desired outcomes. While Life Coaching offers strategies on how to identify and overcome challenges, NLP (especially when partnered with Time Line Therapy) takes it a step further, introducing techniques to "eradicate" those challenges altogether, making them a thing of the past by altering and transmuting them into one success story after another! Sprinkled with Hypnotherapy and a dash of Kat's unique blend of intuitive offerings, this 1:1 Coaching service can help you more effectively accomplish your goals in a safe, timely and everlasting way! With Kat as your guide, you can finally break limiting beliefs and begin to take back the control over your life in less than a year (or even a season). Imagine that! If you're ready for a big change, book your free Discovery Call with Kat!

  Limited Seating

  Packages range based on goals.


Daily Motivation

Receive consistent spiritual advice, practical tools and collective energy updates in order to be more affective and aware throughout your days!


YouTube Readings

Tune in every Wednesday and Sunday for Spiritual Check-Ins, Pick-a-Cards, Spiritual Insights and MORE!


These Masterclasses are designed with the intention to strengthen your confidence with your intuitive self, help you effectively understand how to read tarot (without the booklet), and teach you how to trust in your "gut instincts". Each 2-hour class offers a unique understanding of Tarot and the Self, and can be taken in any order. Summer Classes COMING SOON!

  $33 each [All Classes Currently Full]


With Kat's direct mentorship and guidance, in less than six hours and three sessions*, you will understand the WHY behind your "weird" and "crazy" life experiences, awaken your innate intuitive abilities, and learn how to integrate your power to begin transforming your life's circumstances and limitless outcomes "like magic".

*To ensure the best results and intuitive-integration, this service is only offered as a packaged plan of 3 sessions. Please Schedule a Discovery Call to discuss payment plans or if you have any further questions.

  $888 OR use code 'Mercury' for 44% off!

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